January 25th: Joy

January 26th

It is a great feeling to wake up in the morning full of joy, excited about the day ahead.

It is important to stop and acknowledge these moments of pure happiness and to celebrate all that the day will bring.

Often, I dwell on the melancholy of time… lingering in a beautiful moment… while focusing on the inevitable fact: that this too shall end… that this too shall pass.

Today, I choose to stay in the day…

I choose to let joy fill me entirely and keep my head in my happiness.

Today, I choose to step away from my problems and allow my spirit to soar.

I choose to live in joy, I choose to celebrate my life.

“Dear God, help me to celebrate all that I have been given. Help me to see the joy in the littlest things, the smallest of moments.”

3 thoughts on “January 25th: Joy

  1. I’m finally starting to remember what joy feels like. It’s starting with remembering to be in the present, and to feel just that. I’m also looking forward to the times – even if they are moments or even hours right now — when I am relaxed and feel joyous again, either with friends, or by myself. Your words are so helpful– remembering that I can choose to feel better!

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