January 26th: Solitude

January 25th

It is important in life to savor moments of solitude.

Solitude calms my mind and allows me to process thoughts from my day.

Often, people think of solitude as a loneliness, an isolation, a negative, but that is not solitude.

Solitude is a quiet time, where I am able to reflect, pray, think, create, without being distracted by the outside world.

Solitude comes when I walk alone in the park, enjoying the beauty of nature.

Solitude comes when I enjoy the company of a good book.

Solitude comes when I create a beautiful piece of music.

Solitude comes when I allow myself to be soothed by my own company, content with my own friendship, alone with my own thoughts.

It rejuvenates me and revives me.

It helps me to gain perspective when I have lost my way, and provides relief from the chatter of the outside world.

“Dear God, thank you for bringing me the quiet moments in my day. Thank you for the solitude that brings calm to my life.”

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