February 7th: Stubbornness


Sometimes I choose to be stubborn even when I know that it doesn’t serve me well.

It may be, that someone I have had issues with in the past asks me to do something, and I feel myself refusing based solely on resentments.

Or, it may be a task that I have completed “my way” for many years and when someone tries to show me a different way, or maybe a better way, I choose to dig in and refuse to change.

When I catch myself being stubborn I must stop and ask myself, “Why?”

Being stubborn usually stems from my own “ego” issues.

It does not serve me well to walk through life with a closed mind, sure in my ways, sure that anyone around me who does things differently can’t possibly be right.

If I choose to behave in a stubborn manner, I choose not to walk my true spiritual path.

“Dear God, help me to have an open mind. Help me to see all sides of an issue and to always be willing to try something new.”

2 thoughts on “February 7th: Stubbornness

  1. I’ve been told stubbornness is in my DNA! I don’t wear it like a badge anymore though, as I realized, especially during my divorce, that knowing or thinking I knew what’s right and /or what’s best can be narrow- minded.
    Learned the hard way ay first and then improved by listening before I act or decide.
    Sometimes it seems this shouldn’t be so mind boggling…But can be !

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