February 8th: Accepting Change

February 9th Change

There have been times in my life that I fight the inevitable change around me.

Refusing to accept the end of my marriage.

Refusing to accept a loved one’s decision.

Refusing to make modifications in my own life that might actually be for the better.


Because I am fearful of the unknown.

When I find myself refusing to accept a particular change, I must calm my mind and search to find what I am so afraid of…

Afraid that I will lose my allusion of control?

Afraid that someone I love may end up hurt?

Afraid that I might make a choice that I may regret?

I am not living life to the fullest if I am living in fear.

I must be brave and accept change… change is part of life and I cannot stop change from finding me.

“Dear God, help me to trust in your guidance. Help me to embrace change and move bravely forward.”

5 thoughts on “February 8th: Accepting Change

  1. D – what a great post; two of the major learning areas for all of us… and they relate to three major events this week that made me realize I’ve started to move on.
    Acceptance and overcoming fear. Accepting the reality that things change, that being brave doesn’t mean you can’t be scared or aren’t scared, and taking the risk to keep moving.
    Thank you.

  2. Well, since I get to reflect on last year here too … I’ve not been one to fear a lot of change – risk and variables of outcome can be exciting and I’ve embraced that.
    But I never thought that my marriage wouldn’t work with how we were together and commitment … But things can change . πŸ™‚
    The passion , the love — for so many years – that was my rock.
    When that rock crumbles , you see yourself again, and learn so much from what you did , and what you didnt do.

  3. Totally true Patricia. What I liked about seeing myself again was finding my “true” path. Who I really wanted to hang around with…. what I really wanted to do with my life… what my calling was… It was hard to accept change but suddenly… I saw it as exciting. πŸ™‚ D.

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