February 9th: Retreat


Over the course of my life, I have found that retreats help me regain balance and composure when I am overwhelmed with commitments, opportunities, and choices.

When I take the time to break from my daily routine, my familiar world, and allow my mind to rest and contemplate what I truly want in my life, I find that the answers become crystal clear.

It is not always easy to get away but there is something about an open road, a walk in the woods, a moment of awe experienced in complete isolation and silence, that allows time to slow down and answers to appear.

If I choose to walk a spiritual path… then I must create time for spiritual awakening.

Making space for retreats each year, helps me to be true to my beliefs, follow my heart, and be better to those around me by being clear in my intent.

“Dear God, thank you for providing me with clarity. Thank you for guiding me through peace and solitude.”

2 thoughts on “February 9th: Retreat

  1. I’m in Big Bear right now… regenerating. No snow but crispy beautiful windy blue. San Francisco is one of my all time favorite cities. Lucky! 🙂 D.

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